I own ELECTRIC Life & PURE Mvmnt Coaching.
I have 10 years of combined experience as a certified sensual movement coach, certified life coach and entrepreneur.

I'm Anjua Maximo!

My unique Pure Mvmnt sensual embodiment classes help you release the shame and fear around your sexuality and your body using guided self inquiry, journaling and intuitive dance. My Electric Life coaching courses help you move past life obstacles and ground you in your purpose. By focusing on creating goals you’re excited to tackle and managing that disruptive inner critic, I will help you bring the vision of your life you may have kept tucked away into the light. 

My purpose is to help you feel Whole, Inspired and Free in your mind, body and soul.

whole, inspired, free

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" I would recommend Anjua to anyone who is looking to shed what’s not serving them so they can live a more empowered life of their own choosing. Or someone who may be in the middle of a transitional period in their life, professionally or personally. If you need help setting goals, creating an action plan for goals, a life coach is a great addition to your life."