"I would recommend Anjua to anyone who is looking to shed what’s not serving them so they can live a more empowered life of their own choosing. Or someone who may be in the middle of a transitional period in their life, professionally or personally. If you need help setting goals, creating an action plan for goals, a life coach is a great addition to your life."


I would recommend Anjua to anyone

“When I walked into my Immersion Weekend, I was carrying a giant backpack full of emotional trauma. I knew it was there--that's why I signed up. But I had no idea how it was manifesting in my body until we started to move. I wanted to climb the walls! My hands reached for the ceiling as I stretched out against the memories that had kept me hunched over for so long. Every time I heard Anjua shouting over the music, "Take. Up. Space!" my arms got a little longer. Something magic happens in that studio, I tell you. Go. Set down your backpack. Face whatever it is you're carrying inside and know it doesn't have to shape you anymore.”


Something magic happens in that studio,

“The Immersion Weekend was the most radical act of self love I’ve experienced. I felt a deep connection between my mind, body and soul. I witnessed a power move through me as I broke through the walls that held me back and freed my heart and allowed it to be wild. Anjua has a true gift for holding a space that is truly free of judgment. She has created a container for women to enter and unleash her inner goddess and embody her own definition of being a powerful being. There’s nothing like this immersion and quite frankly, all female identifying individuals need this work-no matter what season of life they are in.”


I witnessed a power move through me

“I have always loved to dance. Signing up for this workshop, I was not sure about anything other than having multiple hours over one weekend with myself. Walking away I felt so connected and accepting of all my layers. Often, when I feel blue, dark or fearful, I focus on tapping in to light. Or, disconnect from myself completely. During pure mvmnt, you said something that resonated so much with me. Bring out the Dark Goddess inside. She is apart of me. And she shouldn’t be abandoned when she shows up.  
Now I choose to dance with her.
Also, reflecting on the conversations around sexuality vs sensuality growing up was insightful.  
As a mother, I am grateful to have the awareness to recognize how I speak to my daughter about her body, the way she moves it and how she dresses it. 
It is all for her. No one else. I am excited to empower her, give her permission to create boundaries and express herself. You truly are electric. Thank you for the sweet experience and reintroducing me to myself. “


Thank you for reintroducing me to myself.

I initially sought out a life coach to talk through a few major life changes I recently went through, specifically starting a new job and the feeling of going through a quarter-life crisis. Anjua and I started out discussing the above topics but our sessions turned into so much more. 
Anjua has a unique gift of bringing to light the deeper reason of "why" for her clients. She pinpointed the tough questions I would have never asked myself and then together we talked through ways to overcome energy blocks as well as difficult situations. 
Even if you don't think you need a life coach, I'd recommend connecting with Anjua! You will end up learning more about yourself and feel empowered after every session. Anjua cares deeply about her clients and it shows through the thought and care she puts into every conversation. I'm looking forward to continuing our relationship as life throws variables my way. 


Anjua has a unique gift 

“Working with Anjua 1 on 1 was an empowering experience for me. Throughout the course of our time together, Anjua helped me to identify my values and goals - and held me accountable to “doing the work.”
Anjua created a safe, non-judgmental space to share my thoughts and feelings freely and openly. At the end of each session, she gave me something to consider or think about as I worked towards making shifts in my life.
She has an amazing way of helping you realize that all the answers to your questions lie within.”


Anjua created a safe, non-judgmental space